Tuesday, June 9, 2015

My, Things Change So Quickly Around Here!

We left Friday morning to fly out to North Carolina for a Dive Trip.  It was wonderful and I will be posting all about it as soon as Frank is done gathering the photos.  I got him a GoPro Camera system for his Anniversary/Birthday gift and he used that for all the underwater shots.  He is still figuring out how it works so give us a couple of days and you will be well rewarded.  I promise!

We came home last night and Tingting had dinner waiting for us.  It was a delicious Chicken Fried Rice and it was the perfect ending to a long day.  We cuddled with Melody for a bit, paid some attention to our mutts, had a glass of wine and fell into the sack.

This morning I just kind of walked around, amazed at how much things changed in 4 lousy little days.

Our little Angel Face pulls herself up and walks around like it is nothing!

Shadow and Sherman have grown like weeds!!

The Chicks have doubled in size and are starting to get feathers.

It's crazy, I tell ya.  How can so much change in such a short amount of time.  Don't blink people because if you do life passes you right by!  But then, as I was contemplating this and getting us another cup of coffee, I walked back into the bedroom and discovered that some things don't change at all.

Welcome to our world!
I snuggled my way back in and sighed with contentment.
Life on the Farm is perfect!!!


  1. Happy you had a good time. Yes, my mom used to tell me that I should never blink....it all changes with just a blink. Yep, she was right about that too

    1. That's for sure. Tingting and Melody moved back to their own home yesterday. It was a tough morning not having Little Miss to join us for coffee in bed while her Mama showered.

    2. Aww, I can imagine. Well I can a little bit from when I lived up there and the kids were down here, Even though I dont live with my grndbabies, I am closer now and been seeing them a few times a week, It sure will be an adjustment. You sure both have had your share of changes and adjustments this last year. I sure enjoyed little Miss on friday , even though it took her 2 hours to go back to sleep. lol. loved cuddling her. Actually she didnt cry as long as I was holding and rocking her. haha. I think maybe it was hard maybe because she didnt have Ting or you guys. The bedtime ritual changed with a diff person in play, so to speak. I have both the boys from Sat to Monday , So excited. Have to figure some fun things to do. ttys

    3. Oh Karen, how fun for you to have a whole weekend with the boys. Thanks for taking over with Little Miss Melody on Friday. Ting felt badly that she gave you a hard time.

  2. She shouldnt feel bad, I didnt, well I did , but only because I couldnt soothe her, not because she was crying. Love that little miss. she is a cutie.

    1. She really is...We got to watch her Friday night. We needed our Melody fix.


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