Thursday, June 4, 2015

Just like Spring Chickens and How Does Being a Chick Make You a Hero?

My phone rang at 6:45....Doesn't that always make your heart stop for a moment?  It was the Post Office letting me know that my chicks had arrived.  Yes, that is how I get my chicks who were born and shipped out Tuesday from the west side of our State.

They are in this cozy little box and they LOUDLY are telling you they want out!!

They are moved from the box into a pool that is set up for them.
I remove them one at a time dipping each little beak into their water so they know it is there.
They will live in this pool in my heated garage and with a heat lamp until they start escaping.
Then they will live inside their shed with a heat lamp until they get feathers.
Then they are allowed outside and no longer need the lamp.  
I will keep you updated.
The little dark babies are new laying hens.

And speaking of chicks.....

Without getting into a religious or political debate regarding someone deciding to change their sex I just want to throw out there that daring to do something that you believe in does not necessarily make you a hero.  I don't believe being able to throw a baseball or dribble a basketball or tackle another player makes you a hero.  I don't believe being gay and proud of it makes you a hero any more than being heterosexual and being proud of it makes you a hero.  I don't believe being a Christian, Jew, Muslim or Hindu makes you a hero, a saint or a demon.  I don't believe men can be heroes any easier or better than women can be heroes and I don't believe you must be an adult to be a hero.

Let me tell you what I think makes a person of any sex, gender, religion, color, race or sexual preference a hero.  And I can because this is my blog and if you think I am full of it you can just stop reading and go on to the next blog.

A hero, in my humble opinion, is a person who cares more about his fellow man than he cares about himself.
  •   He/She picks up a weapon, leaves a family who loves them behind and risks their life so that people they have never met in a country whose government hates theirs can be offered a better lot in life. 
  • He/She runs into a burning building to save a child or a family pet as their children and pets are asleep at home waiting for them to return.
  • He/She puts on a badge knowing that some people will hate them for no reason other than that badge is on their chest but they will still tenderly pick up your lost child who has wandered from home and gotten lost, transport a victim of domestic violence to a shelter, comfort a person who just lost a loved one to an accident or act of violence, risk their own lives to protect your material goods, and jump in front of a bullet that was meant for someone else.
  • He/She goes to 3rd world countries, leaving behind their creature comforts and riches, to help others get education, medical care and food.
  • He/She spends hours each night tossing and turning, losing sleep over that one student that they cannot seem to get through to and wondering what is going on in their life that makes them so angry, disruptive and unable to learn.
  • He/She spends hours going from room to room caring for those who are unable to care for themselves and caring for the families who are scared, angry and desperate because their loved one is sick, hurt and/or dying.
  • He/She see someone in need or unhappy and shares with them a kind word, a piece of bread or the coat off their back.
These are the heroes.  It doesn't matter if they were born a different sex than they are now.  It doesn't matter what their sexual preference might be.  It doesn't matter which god they worship of if they worship a god at all.  It doesn't matter what color their skin might be, where they may have been born or whether they are rich or poor.  Being a hero comes from is a matter of, compassion, selflessness.

I have nothing against Bruce Jenner.  I don't know the man nor the struggles that he has and will face. Bruce Jenner may be a hero....I don't know what he has done for others...but if he is a hero it is not because he has or will have a sex change operation any more than he was a hero for his sports accomplishments.


  1. First of all.....very well said. I agree with you about heroes. Bruce Jenner is not a hero to me. I do think what he is doing takes a lot of courage but I would have far more respect for his decision if he were doing it privately and not so publicly. It feels like a publicity stunt to me! The chicks are adorable. Harley wants to know if you will name one Murphy!! LOL they were standing behind me looking as I read your post and they fell in love with the chicks. Until I told them you raise them to eat! Then she turned that smile into a frown. I asked her where she thought we got our chickens from....LOL!

    1. Thanks Paula I agree that courage alone does not a hero make. I can name one of the layers Murphy I don't name the ones we eat.

    2. You just don't know how happy Harley is that you have a layer named Murphy LOL!


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