Friday, August 30, 2019

Happy Labor Day Weekend and the Weekly Menu

Wow! And just like that Summer is at an end.  I know that in many States summer ended for the kids in August when they returned to school but here in Michigan most of the schools don't begin until after Labor Day.

So last weekend was spent doing this.  Then the week was spent registering for school, getting school id and schedules, buying school supplies and, of course, a new outfit for the first day of school which is Tuesday.

But we have a couple last hurrahs before then.  Tomorrow we are heading over to the Art Fair in our town.  Not only do you get to see and buy great stuff but you run into all your local neighbors and friends so it is a great time.  Afterwards we are going to Frank's brother, Dan's house to share his birthday dinner.

On Sunday, after Mass, we are heading over to the New Baltimore Art Fair where Nicole and Pierre have a booth and are selling their wonderful Petoskey and Pine products.  When Nic and Pierre close up for the night they are coming to our house for dinner.  

On Monday, Amy and Doug, Jessica, Melody, Julien and his family, John, Kirsten, Rob, Linda, their daughter and son in law, and Karen are joining us for a BBQ and last dip in the pool before we close it up for the season.

Tuesday is a half day for the start of the week and our new fall routine which for Frank and I means returning to the gym.  

The rest of the week will be spent just getting back into the groove.  Making sure we get enough sleep and proper nutrition so here is our Weekly Menu that I hope inspires you as you get back into the school time groove as well.

Dinner at Dan's 

Sunday-Family Dinner
Antipasto Salad
Italian Meatball Stew

Monday-Family BBQ
Mini Quiche with Potato Crusts
Drunken Honey Wings
Cheese and Fruit Tray
Grilled Assorted Sausages
Assorted Deli Salads
Chocolate Caramel Apple Slices
Apple and Oatmeal Cookies

Hungarian Mushroom Soup and Salad
Sourdough Dinner Rolls

Wednesday (Moved from last week)
Middle Eastern Potatoes
Steamed Broccoli 

Smoked Country Ribs
Leftover Deli Salads

Out for dinner

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