Friday, August 23, 2019

Happy Birthday to me and the Weekly Menu

I wasn't sure what to expect for life in my 60's but so far so good.  I made it through the first year and am looking forward to the next 9.

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Each year I try to experience or learn something new.  Last year I tried sky diving.  I am not sure what I will attempt this year.  I've already taken guitar, quilting, painting, cooking, lessons.  I have done scuba, ziplining, skydiving, and spelunking.   I have visited many new locations and look forward to visiting many more.   Perhaps this year I should plan something calmer....perhaps a cake decorating class....I am pretty bad with frosting LOL.

Today we are going to celebrate my birthday at Rob and Linda's Lakeport house.  It is right on the beach and this may be our last chance as they have decided to sell and make their permanent home in Arizona. 

Since they have everything already packed away, I am providing my own birthday dinner for everyone LOL.  Jessica and Julien are coming and bringing his folks who are visiting from France.  They are also bringing wine and cheese.  I have some leftover turkey filling that I used for tostadas that I'm going to warm up and serve with corn tortilla scoops as a snack.

So I'm starting the Weekly Menu on Friday (today) this week since last week when I made the menu I didn't realize I was cooking.

Saturday we have a retirement party to attend in the afternoon and then Amy, Jen, Lili and I are heading to Windsor, Canada for a Martina McBride concert so Frank and Marissa are on their own.

The rest of the week is busy each day but we should be having dinner at home for the most part. 

Fish Friday
BBQ Oysters with Butter Herb Wine Sauce
Fish Packets with Herb Compound Butter
Roasted Baby Potatoes
Garlic Toast
Peanut Butter and Chocolate Strudel

Saturday-Retirement Luncheon
Frank and Marissa on their own

Roast Quail
Vegetable Rice Pilaf

Meatless Monday
Creamy Garlic and Spinach Pizza

Chicken Enchilada Rice Bake

Middle Eastern Potatoes
Steamed Broccoli

Ham and Cheese Quiche with Potato Crust

Fish Friday
Shrimp Scampi over Angel Hair Pasta


  1. Happy Birthday Wendy! My unbirthday was yesterday. That's what I call it! I texted my brother and told him I was going to subtract the yrs now. Lol.

    Have a great time in Canada!


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