Thursday, July 4, 2019

Gettysburg and Virginia: Our First Four Days

So far this has been a lovely trip.  The weather has been HOT but the sun is shining and we have been doing our best to stay cool.

We arrived in Gettysburg early evening on Sunday.  Checked into our hotel which was lovely and then strolled around town before dinner at the Dobbin House which was a seminary/liberal arts college as well as the family home to the Dobbin family which consisted of 19 children.  This was also part of the underground railroad system and many slaves were hidden in a secret room before being secreted north.  After dinner we did a candlelight walking tour of the town and met some of the area ghosts who are said to haunt the area.

The following morning we did a guided automobile tour of the 3 days of battles in Gettysburg.  It was very informative and especially poignant as we were there during the anniversary of the first battle.  Then we took to the road and headed to our son's house in Virginia. It was supposed to be a 4 hour ride.  It turned into nearly 7 hrs.  Traffic was just horrendous!!  We finally made it to Chuck's at about 8 pm where we were welcomed with big hugs and a delicious dinner of Salad, Garlic Bread and Lasagna.

The photos of the Gettysburg tour will have to be posted later as we forgot to bring the card reader for the camera.  Thus I will only be sharing Iphone pictures for now.

The next day was spent at Busch Gardens where we had a lot of fun.  Then we went over to Norfolk for dinner on the water at a restaurant called Stripers.

Yesterday we met up with Ainsley's uncle for lunch.  She had not seen him in about 7 yrs so it was a very nice reunion.  We will be meeting him again for breakfast before we leave the area.  Afterwards we went to Fort Monroe where there is a private beach.  We spent the day swimming, playing cornhole and volleyball, and, of course, eating and drinking.

Today we went into Williamsburg where we spent a very steamy, hot 3 hrs at Going Ape, a ziplining and obstacle course park.  It was a lot of fun but we were exhausted afterwards.  Had lunch at an Italian Restaurant in the area and then headed back to the hotel for much needed showers and rest.  

Thus I had a chance to sit and catch up with you before we head out the door to go to Norfolk again for the fireworks.  Talk to you soon.

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  1. Ziplining! You are so brave! 😂
    Have a safe and great vacation!


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