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Grilled French Onion Butter Burgers #CookoutWeek

I am bringing all the great flavors that you love in French Onion Soup and putting them onto a plate.  These French Onion Burgers are the best burgers I have ever made...…

It is Day 4 of Cookout Week and I am so very proud to bring you this recipe...…..

This recipe was inspired by one of our sponsors, Chef Shamy butters.  I came late to this party so I didn't receive the same allotment of sponsor products as some of the others.  I didn't expect to get any products at all but then Chef Shamy generously sent me some samples.

They offered several different choices of butter from which I could choose.  I chose the French Onion Butter.  They also sent me a sample of their Garlic Butter.  All opinions, thoughts and contents of this blog are exclusively mine.

Chef Shamy is one of numerous sponsors that are hosting a giveaway for this event.  You can find out all about them and enter to win an awesome prize package at my Welcome Post.

Here are a few tidbits about Chef Shamy butter:
  • Their slogan is "Make the World a Butter Place" ®
  • The butter contains no oils.  It is keto friendly
  • Good for up to 2 years frozen, 1 year unopened and refrigerated, 6 months refrigerated after opening and several weeks at room temperature.
I'm from Michigan.  Here in the Midwest we have a burger chain called Culver's.  Their specialty is a butter burger. When I received this butter, I immediately though "Butter Burger".

The only problem is,  I have never been to a Culver's and had no idea what a butter burger might be.  A google search said that it was a seared burger served on a buttered bun.  Well, forgive me Culvers, but I don't think simply putting butter on a bun qualifies for the name Butter Burger.  So I decided to create my own using the French Onion Butter from Chef Shamy.

I put a dollop of that butter right in the middle of my patty and then I wrapped the burger around it and flattened it again.

Then I decided that since I was using French Onion butter I was going to use all the flavors that you find in a bowl of ooey, gooey, baked French Onion soup.

So I used some of that butter to caramelize a sweet Vidalia onion.

And I used more of that butter to spread onto French bread.  I put that bread on the griddle and let it toast, turning it into a great big crouton.

And it is not French Onion soup without the melted cheese, so I was very generous with the Provolone, allowing it to melt all over that butter filled burger.

I placed that burger onto the toasted bread and smothered it with the caramelized onions.  Then, just for good measure, I added another dollop of the butter on top.  It melted French Onion goodness all over it.

And that, in my humble opinion, is what deserves to be called a "Butter Burger"!  This is definitely not a low calorie, diet friendly burger but it is the best burger I have ever created in my 50 years of making and cooking burgers.  

If I ever owned a restaurant, this burger would be on the menu for sure and I'll bet it would be a top seller.

You can find Chef Shamy butters on Amazon and they are offering a 10% discount if you use the code 10BUTTER10.

Please stop by and visit all the other Cookout Week Creations at the bottom of this post and don't forget to enter into that giveaway.  I would be thrilled if one of my readers were the lucky winner.

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Grilling, Hamburgers
Yield: 3 burgersPin it

Grilled French Onion Butter Burgers

prep time: 10 minscook time: 20 minstotal time: 30 mins
All the great flavors that you love in French Onion Soup and putting them onto a plate. These French Onion Burgers are the best burgers I have ever made...…


1 lb. lean ground beef
Chef Shamy French Onion Butter
Montreal seasoning, to taste
1 small sweet onion
3 slices, thick cut, French Bread
3 slices Provolone cheese


Melt approx. 1 tablespoon of the butter in a skillet over medium heat.  Peel and slice the onions.  Cook slowly in the butter, lowering heat if necessary, until they turn golden brown and caramelize, about 15-20 minutes, stirring occasionally.

While the onions are cooking, divide the ground beef into 3 equal portions.  Flatten into patties, place  approximately 1 teaspoon of the butter onto each patty.  Wrap the beef around the butter and then flatten again into a patty.  Season to taste with Montreal Seasoning or your favorite seasoning. Grill over med high heat to desired temperature, 150* for medium.  Add a slice of Provolone cheese to each burger, shut the lid and let cook for another minute until melted and gooey.  Remove to a plate to rest.

Butter both sides of the bread with the French Onion butter.  Place onto a griddle or cast iron skillet over med high heat and cook until toasted on both sides, 

Place a piece of toast onto a plate and top with one of the patties, smother with the caramelized onions and top with another scant teaspoon of the butter.

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  1. This burger sounds awesome! I really want to try this butter flavor.

  2. Oh my goodness. I finally caught up with all your posts. Amazing recipes. This burger looks wonderful. I haven't seen anything about the fostering plan. How is that coming along? And I know it is hot, hot, hot in Michigan. Kansas too!

    1. Thanks Paula. There hasn't been much to report. We had a meeting with the eldest one and her therapist yesterday and we meet again on Sunday. Hoping to have her move in with us in the next week or so. The younger sibling is going to take a bit longer but should be with us by the next school year.

    2. Good to hear. I will keep you all in my prayers!

  3. I got the same two butters. Love them, and totally am going to try your butter burger! Wrapping the butter in meat? Genius!

  4. This looks and sounds fantastic! I was thinking of making something like this with my French Onion butter and now I don't have to! Your recipe is happening on our new grill next week!

  5. Normally, I'm not a huge burger fan...but these...I bet they could change that pretty quickly!!!

    1. I wish I weren't such a big burger fan Colleen, we eat a lot of them during the summer months....I love a grilled hips...not so much LOL

  6. Sounds like a yummy burger! Love the use of butter in these :) PINNED!

  7. I can imagine how moist and delicious this burger must be ! Must try !


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