Friday, June 2, 2017

The Gardens and the Weekly Menu

The weather has finally gotten beautiful here on the farm and I have been busy in the flower gardens, seeing what is here and making plans for what I would like to add.  While trimming the Rose of Sharon tree I found a nest of robins.  They look like they will be leaving the nest very soon now.

The gardens are really very nice here.  I have a lot of the same plants that I had at the other farm.  Hostas, daylilies, irises, peonies, euonymus, burning bush, roses.  I have some beautiful rhododendrons, forsythia and clematis growing.  I am very pleased.  I know that I want to add some bulbs for next spring, daffodils, crocus and tulips as well as some lilac bushes. Pierre is growing some lavender for me and I know just where I want it.  

This weekend I will plant my herb pots for on the deck and I want to get some wave petunias for that area as well.  I also have chosen where to put the fruit trees.  I want to get a cherry, peach, apples and pears.  I would also like to get a prune plum tree.  We had one when I was growing up and I just love prune plums.  We do have some olive trees on the property and the previous owners said that they do bear fruit so I am looking forward to learning how to preserve the olives.

Lots of Robins, Sparrows, Finches and Butterflys in the gardens.  I have yet to see any hummingbirds.  We do have squirrels here though that love to tease my dogs and rabbits that know exactly how far the dogs can chase them before they get stopped by the electric fence.  We had 3 deer in our back yard after Frank disposed of the coyote.  Then they disappeared again and another coyote was spotted by our neighbor across the street going from his yard to ours and into the woods.  Hopefully we spot him before he takes out all the deer.  The chickens are back to being stuck in their pen until we take care of the coyote problem.

Tonight, Kurt and Kim are coming for dinner.  Tomorrow, John is coming over to help Frank finish up the installation of the whole house generator.  I am going to hit the Farmers Market in the morning for my herbs and flowers for the deck.  I will spend the afternoon getting them planted.  The pool should be opened this weekend.  The Gazebo is up and the deck furniture is all in place.  Stay tuned for those photos.

Sunday, my grandniece Lili has high school commencements up in the Traverse City area.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that the weather is good enough for us to fly up and watch her walk.  She will be attending University down state near us.  I am excited to have her closer.  Her party is on June 11th. We will be driving up for that.  We are taking our Little Miss and spending the weekend at Great Wolf Lodge.  It will be a lot of fun.  I am going to be making up an electric roaster full of cabbage rolls on Thursday. We will have some for dinner and freeze the rest to take up for her party.

That's it for the plans for the week. Choir practice is over for the summer and we are waiting to see what our new schedule is like with our Angel Face now that Mama is nearly done with her Tuesday evening class.  

So here is our Weekly Menu.  I look forward to sharing photos and recipes with you during the week. Have a great weekend.

Honey Lime Chicken Fajitas

Lili's Commencements (weather permitting)

Meatless Monday
Tuscan Bean Pasta (moved from last week)

Chili Cheese Dogs 
Potato Chips

Peach glazed pork loin
Baked Potatoes
Green Beans

Stuffed Cabbage
Mashed Potatoes

Fish Friday
Grilled Scallop Teriyaki Salad

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  1. Your flowers are simply beautiful. I miss that kind of gardening!! Yum cabbage rolls! Have fun!!


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