Sunday, March 6, 2016

Midwives; An Audible Book Review

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Should people be allowed to have their children at home if they so choose?  Should Midwives be allowed to be licensed and insured?  Should someone be held criminally responsible if their actions or inaction results in a death?  Should the death of a mother hold more weight than the death of the child?  Should your actions be judged on your perception and intent or on the facts?

These are some of the questions that arose in my mind during the listening of this story.  Being a retired police officer some of these questions are near and dear to my heart.  I want those we hire to protect us and serve us (military, firefighters, police officers, medical personnel, etc) to be able to do so without fear of the Monday morning quarter backing that often takes place.  But where is the line? How do we truly know what is in a person's thoughts or mind at any given moment?  Where does accountability start?

The only version of this book on was an abridged version but I am sure now of these questions were answered in the full version either.  This book definitely made me think.  The narrator was very good and the book went quickly.  The abridged version was less than 5 hrs in length.  I was traveling an hour each way to be with my mother in law while she was in the hospital so I heard the entire story in one day.  I enjoyed it and wished I could have heard the full version.  When reading or listening to an abridged version I always wonder what I am missing.

I like Chris Bohjalian.  This is the third book that I have read by this author and have enjoyed them all.  They are all very different.  I like that about this author.  Don't get me wrong...I enjoy series of books too...but they can get to be predictable in parts.  

Bottom line, get this book (unabridged if you can) and let me know your thoughts on the questions it will bring to you.  I would be very interested in having a book club discussion on this novel.


  1. It really brought up a lot of questions, didn't it Wendy! Even, in the end, it had the main character asking questions.

    1. It sure did Paula. Did you come up with any answers?

    2. The only answer I came up with is ladies have your babies in a hospital!!


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