Friday, March 11, 2016

Another Week, Another Menu

No hospitals to visit.  No patients to care for.  No Funerals to plan.   No work for Frank to attend.

So many things we have been doing for the past couple of months that we are no longer going to be doing.  Last week that time was taken up with our Little Angel Face who stayed with us for a few days.  It helped to soften the reality a little.

When making the slide show for Mom K's funeral we came across this photo again.
I have shared it before but it is worth sharing again.
Both Moms at Mom K's 90th Birthday Party two years ago.

We will still be busy this week, just a different busy.  Hopefully busy enough that we can just have small glimpses of memories instead of deluges that want to drown us.  Frank and I are going to join a gym and our goal is to workout on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  Our daughter, Nicole, and her husband, Pierre, just moved into their first house so Frank will be spending time over there helping them with different odds and ends.  I hope to have the Little Miss for a couple of days while her Mama works.  The weather seems to have broken so there is a lot of yard work to be done. Puppies can certainly wreak havoc on a yard.....even when the yard is 12 acres LOL.

Tonight Frank and our nephew, Ryan,  are going to the pool with members of our dive group.  Frank is trying out his new BC that I got him for Christmas and Ryan is having a refresher course before our trip later this month.  I am so excited to be diving with him and Lili again and this time we are going to have even more fun because Spence and Randy will be joining us on the dives and Jen will be coming along for the ride.

Tomorrow we are going out for dinner to celebrate our sister in law, Rebecca's, birthday and then Sunday we are all getting together at Roz and Ron's house to work on the thank you cards. I am bringing stuffed cabbages for dinner.

Monday, Frank will be going to choir practice.  We are having extras to get ready for Easter.  I cannot attend as I have another meeting at the church to discuss installing a new sound system in Holy Cross.  It really needs it badly so I don't want to delay this meeting.  Wednesday I have food pantry, Thursday is choir practice and Friday is my brother, Dick's, birthday and retirement party.

Throughout all of this, we still need to here is our Weekly Menu.  Please stop by each day for recipes and photos.

Celebrating Rebecca's Birthday

Roz and Ron's

Meatless Monday
Italian Vegetable Stew

Chicken Enchiladas

Pot Roast

Thursday-St. Pat's Day
Reuben Bake

Birthday/Retirement Party


  1. It is so quiet when after all the busy-ness, isn't it! You guys have had such a double whammy this year. But I see that you will fill it with family and friends. Just what one needs to fill the holes of those missing from our lives. God Bless you Wendy!!

  2. What a schedule you have! My best to you and your family.

  3. It is a time of transitions. I love how you describe it so eloquently: glimpses of memories instead of deluges. Sending you good thoughts!


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